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The Atlantic Salmon Museum (Miramichi Salmon Museum) is a non-profit organization located on the banks of the Main South West Miramichi River in the Village of Doaktown. The museum houses a very extensive collection of artifacts and interpretive displays that tell the story of the sport of fly fishing and the life and history of the Atlantic salmon. Programs such as Adopt-a-salmon and fishing camps for youth, make learning fun for participants.

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Mission Statement
To preserve and promote the cultural and economic value of the Atlantic Salmon resource to the Miramichi River and New Brunswick. We also emphasize the importance of conservation so this valuable resource can be preserved for future generations.

Help support the Museum by renting our pool. For the bargain price of $50 per rod per day you receive the fishing rights to our pool for an entire day (24 hours).  Contact us by email at museum@nbnet.ca or call at (506)-365-7787.

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