Over the years, the Atlantic Salmon Museum has been the very fortunate recipient of a large number of items gifted to us by some very generous donors.  However, because we are somewhat restricted both in our display capabilities and our storage space, we have decided to offer many of these items for sale through the new on-line auction component of our website. 

We’re beginning with a chance to win a three-day fishing trip to the famous Larry’s Gulch on the Restigouche River and will be following that up with an assortment of fly plates, prints and other items that we’re pretty certain will tweak your interest. 

We invite you to check our website often to see what’s available (look for “Auctions” on the navigational menu at the top of our Home Page).  Comments and suggestions are always welcome, either by using the contact form on this site or by emailing us at museum@nbnet.nb.ca.

To place a bid:

  1. Login or Register your email address – click here.
  2. Return to this page, view desired auction and place your bid.