About Us

Due largely to the efforts of the Central Miramichi Historical Society and with financial assistance from both the Federal and Provincial governments, the Atlantic Salmon Museum opened to the public in the summer of 1983. The center celebrates the importance of the Atlantic salmon, not only as a valuable resource much deserving of our protection but also as a species that has had a profound effect on anglers from all over the world for its sheer beauty and elusiveness.

The salmon also plays a significant role in the “Miramichi” way of life, something that the Museum celebrates through its heritage collection of fishing memorabilia, much of which has been donated by local fishermen, and through its annual Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.

In addition to more than 5,000 artifacts, we also offer a small aquarium, a well-stocked gift shop, a popular summer camp program for children, and a comfortable gathering room complete with catering and bar services. We play host to over 3,000 guests every year and hope that very soon you will be one of them.


The Miramichi Salmon Museum, Inc. (operating as “The Atlantic Salmon Museum”) is a registered not-for-profit organization governed by a 15-member Board of Directors which meets, on average, every three months. The public is encouraged to become members of the Museum and to attend the Annual General Meetings that are held in May.


(a) To preserve and promote the cultural and economic value of the Atlantic salmon (salmo salar) to the rivers and communities in the Province of New Brunswick and beyond.

(b) To emphasize the importance of conservation so that this valuable resource can be preserved for future generations.

(c) To collect, preserve, protect, record, research and interpret objects, photographs and documents relative to the Atlantic salmon as they pertain to the importance of this species to the rivers and to the people of New Brunswick and beyond.

(d) To make these objects, photographs, and documents available to the public for both their education and enjoyment through the use of temporary and permanent exhibits that accurately recount the impact of the Atlantic salmon on the cultural and economic history of New Brunswick and beyond.

(e) To utilize these artifacts as the cornerstone of various special events specifically designed to focus the public’s attention on the Atlantic salmon and, by so doing, to secure support for the Museum’s ongoing programs.