Since 1983, the Atlantic Salmon Museum’s Hall of Fame has celebrated the many men and women (anglers, outfitters, fly tiers, writers and artists) whose love of the mighty salmo salar has not only enriched their lives but has also turned them into ardent conservationists. The event, normally held in the fall, is one of the Museum’s most popular events and attracts guests from all over the Maritimes and the New England States. The inductees are honored with portraits displayed in one of the Museum’s galleries and many donate a personal memento to our collection.

The over 125 individuals who were inducted into our Hall of Fame between 1983-2013 are celebrated in a fascinating hard cover book by Morris V. Green, a founding member of the Salmon Museum and now an Honourary Director. The book is entitled 160 Years of Salmon Stories and offers the reader insightful biographies, photos and a wealth of anecdotes, all of which will transport you back “out on the river” after only a few paragraphs. A perfect addition to an angler’s home or fishing camp. The publication (signed by the author) is available from our Gift Shop with all proceeds going back to the Museum.  For further information, call 506-365-7787 or email us at 

If you know of someone who is deserving of a place in our Hall of Fame, a copy of our Nomination Form can be downloaded here.  Please note that the deadline for the receipt of nominations is normally June 1, and that at least three letters of support as well as a 5” x 7” photograph of the nominee must accompany the completed nomination form.  If further information is required, just call the helpful staff at 506-365-7787 or email them at